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file icon Agriculture Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/03/2013 Hits: 171

Schemes made using KLB Secondary Agriculture,Certificate Secondary Agriculture, Longhorn Secondary Agriculture & Teacher's Guide, Golden Tips Agriculture and Top Mark Agriculture.

file icon Biology Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/03/2013 Hits: 182

Schemes made using KLB Secondary Biology, Comprehensive Secondary Biology Teacher's & Student's Book and Golden Tips Biology.

file icon Business Studies Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/03/2013 Hits: 144

Schemes made using KLB Inventor Series, Longman Explore, Certificate Business Studies and KLB Top Mark Series.

file icon Chemistry Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/02/2013 Hits: 154

Schemes using Secondary Chemistry - KLB Bk 1& 2, Comprehensive Secondary Chemistry Bk 1 & 2, Explore Chemistry Bk 1& 2 and Principles of Chemistry Bk 1 & 2.

file icon Computer Studies Form 1Tooltip 10/04/2013 Hits: 48

Schemes of Work made using Longhorn Computer Studies, Computer Studies by Onunga & Shah, Foundations of Computer Studies and Gateway Revision.

file icon CRE Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/04/2013 Hits: 150

Schemes made using KLB, God's People, Golden Tips and The Bible

file icon English Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/02/2013 Hits: 194

Schemes of work made using New Integrated English Book 1 and Advancing in English Book 1

file icon Geography Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/03/2013 Hits: 156

Schemes made using KLB Secondary Geography, Certificate Geography and Comprehensive Geography.

file icon History Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/03/2013 Hits: 129

Schemes made using KLB History and Government, KIE History and Government, Milestone in History & Teacher's Guide, Evolving World and Gateway Revision.

file icon Home Science Form 1Tooltip 10/02/2013 Hits: 52

Schemes of Work using Secondary Home Science - KLB, Focus on Home Science, Home Science by EAEP.

file icon Kiswahili Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/02/2013 Hits: 274

Maazimio ya Kazi: Oxford Bk 1, KLB Bk 1, Chemi Chemi Bk 1, Mwongozo, Kamusi

file icon Maths Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/02/2013 Hits: 172

Schemes made using KIE Book 1, KLB Book 1, Discovering Math, Advancing Mathematics by Longhorn Book 1.

file icon Music Form 1Tooltip 10/04/2013 Hits: 10

Schemes made using KIE Book 1, Foundation Music Book 1, Music of Africa and Folk Music of Kenya.

file icon Physics Form 1hot!Tooltip 10/03/2013 Hits: 119

Schemes made using KLB Secondary Physics, Comprehensive Secondary Physics Teacher's Book & Student's Book, Golden Tips Physics and Principles of Physics.